Nikkor AF-S 200-500mm f/5.6 VR (11.02.2016)


There are so many cameras and lenses out there that even the biggest photography enthusiast finds it hard to keep track. Thus, it is not a surprise if you miss out on some great devices. Nikon's new and powerful tele-zoom is one of these that deserves attention because for some reason, it is one of the kind.

The use range of telephoto lens is wide. One definite field of work are birds. For capturing birds, no tube is too long. But usually, the rule is that the longer the tube, the higher the price. Many nature photographers only dream about cool bird photos because quality telephoto lenses are way too expensive.

Nikkor 200-400 f4          6 999.-

Nikkor 400 f2,8            11 999.-

Nikkor 500 f4               10 500.-

Nikkor 600 f4               12 500.- 

Oh, who could afford one of these? Only professionals. Even a serious enthuasiast needs to give up on cool eagle photos. There are cheaper ones available but those are usually not anything good. Better no eagle photo than a blurry one. Price-quality relationship (exluding some examples) does not exist in photography.

If we look at the prices of these super telephoto lenses, we can say that Nikkor 200-500 costs ONLY 1699.-
This amout is also not small but if you are a serious photography enthuasiast, you will be able gather this amout by eating a bit less or something.
This tube is not as impressive as its 5 times more expensive brothers but it is capable of producing quality photos in any type of situation.
This lens is very sharp, it focuses fast and has a fantastic Image Stabilization.
For Nikon, it is not possible to get any other telephoto lens this good for that kind of money.

Author: Alari Kivisaar



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