YOUR OTHER LENS (31.10.2015)


The need to change the lenses in front of the camera ended up in inventing DLSR camera! It is practically impossible to create such a universal lens that would be suitable for taking photos in every situation. Besides, different lenses picture situations differently and this makes photography creative and interesting.

People often buy some kind of kit lens together with their first DSLR camera. Usually, it is a zoom lens with the focal length of 18-55mm or 18-105mm. It is surely suitable in many situations but it is time to give yourself a new chance and be convinced that new lens takes your photos to a new level. What kind of lens could it be? We suggest a 50mm F/1.4G AF-S Nikkor or 50mm F/1.8G AF-S.

What is this lens suitable for and what does it change on the photos?

First of all, it is a normal lens which view angle in front of a full-frame sensor camera is 46 degrees (due to the smaller sensor’s cut-off factor, the view angle in front of a half-frame sensor camera is 32 degrees) which corresponds to the view angle of the human eye. There are no distortions and strange formation of perspective. The chosen lens image is very sharp, its colour transfer is great and optical power is good. The latter means that it is easier to photograph in dim light conditions.

This lens is suitable for taking portraits because when using a more opened aperture you get a nice soft unsharp background while the focused object is very sharp. Since its optical power enables to take photos using a shorter shutter speed, photographing children indoors is fun and gives good results.

Since the shortest focusing distance is 45cm, it is possible to use this lens to photograph small products and flowers without investing the macro lens.

We have to add that the price of these lenses is very good despite of the good qualities; thus, you cannot go wrong with this lens!



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