Nikon D3300 – opens doors to photography world

Nikon D3200 and D3300 cameras are one of the smallest ones among DSLR cameras. Camera body together with the memory card only weighs 460 grams. But yet, it contains a DX format sensor which has 24.2 megapixels and which light sensitivity can be raised up to ISO 12 800

This camera is meant for people who are photography enthusiasts and expect something more from their captions than a mobile phone or a compact camera can produce. By choosing this camera you have the possibility of upgrading it with different Nikkor lenses and add a powerful flash light or any other additional device. This camera is especially suitable for beginners. You are able to use all the features characteristic to DSLR cameras but this camera also has a Guide Mode which teaches you to use this camera step by step through guidance and example photos. For example, this camera guides you to photograph a model so that the model stays sharp and the background blurry. In addition, this camera has a built-in special effects menu that enables you to immediately add an artistic or interesting look to your photos without owning a photo processing program. For example, you can take a photo of a park in its autumn colours and the built-in photo processing program enables you to make it black and white and only bring out the yellow colours. D3200 and D3300 cameras enable you to use Wi-Fi adapter which gives you an opportunity to share photos with your friends immediately.

Nikon D5500 – a tool of a videographer

All Nikon cameras take a high level video but the construction of D5500 camera has its details so well thought through that it has become a device the combines the best features of taking photos and making videos in one device. This camera is meant for a person for whom, video and photo are equally important and who needs this to apply their full creative potential. Uniting stills and moving picture into one whole has been made handy and it is becoming a standard – video describes a situation more lively and informatively. Still photo enables to focus and notice details. It is possible to connect the camera to the outer microphone ME-1 and also to Bluetooth microphone ME-W1 to get a less noisy sound.

Rotating touch screen mounted to the camera makes filmmaking very convenient. This screen is of much help also when taking photos because it makes it possible to use different shooting angles. For example, it is useful when photographing a concert above the listeners’ heads or a crawling baby.

This camera has a built-in Wi-Fi. It enables to connect the camera to your smart phone. You can upload the photos from the camera to the phone fast and then share them with your friends. It is also possible to use the phone as a remote control device and photograph from the distance while seeing everything that the camera sees from your phone. You can adjust the sharpness and take photos.

Nikon D7200 – powerful tool in a strong body

This is a camera that can boldly be called the flag ship of Nikon’s half frame sensor cameras. Its constructive and functional features are derived from professional cameras. Its front and upper parts are made of magnesium alloy and this makes it durable and weather proof. This camera is suitable for advanced photography enthusiast who loves to take photos in the nature. This camera also manages to photograph sport events because its continuous shoot is fast (up to 6 fps) It is also capable of photographing in the dim light, its max ISO is up to 102 400. That is why, taking photos at home is becoming easier and easier. If you combine the optical power and image formation of a 50mm f1.4 lens and this camera’s ISO capability, your family’s Christmas photos are taken to a totally new level.

Besides the built-in Wi-Fi, this camera also has a built-in NFC function which enables to transfer the photo on the camera screen to your smart device only by touching the camera with the smart device.

Be creative and with Nikon camera, you don’t have to make any compromises. If you feel that you don’t have enough skills, please know that with every Nikon half frame sensor camera we give you a 2.5-hour tutorial for free.



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