In recent years, Nikon hybrid cameras have become very popular and loved.

Hybrid camera is a good choice for those people who are not satisfied with mobile phone photo and video quality but don't wish to carry along DSLR camera.


What are the advantages of hybrid camera compared to mobile phones and DSLR cameras? The photo resolution of a phone camera is enough for the phone and Internet environment but for getting an enjoyable print out, it is not enough. It is comfortable to carry the phone in your pocket but handling it has its limits: its small body is rather an obstacle, its camera reacts with a delay and there are limits to changing its settings. Taking a photo in good lighting conditions can be a success but when it's darker, the photo can be out of focus and noisy. It is not possible to use optical zoom but it is not always possible to move closer or further away from the object.


The advantage of a hybrid camera compared to a DSLR camera is the size. The photo quality of a full frame DSLR camera is no doubt the best, but when it comes to half frame sensor cameras, the hybrid camera offers quite a serious photo quality competition.


At the moment, Nikon 1 J5 is the newest hybrid camera model. Many features of this camera are worth mentioning and we would like to bring out the important ones.

First, you can notice its stylish but at the same time practical design. Its silver-black body is really handsome and noticeable. In addition, we have to admit that ergonomically, this compact camera is much handier - the metal buttons are comfortable to use and its back side fits everything important. In addition to its big 7.5 cm diagonal and up to 180-degree tilting monitor, there is enough room for settings buttons and these are comfortable to use. This camera is also very selfie lover friendly due to its tilting monitor. If you are used to press the shutter on the smart device monitor, it is worth to remember that Nikon 1 J5 has a touch screen and the photo is taken with an instant when the finger touches the camera screen.

The program command dial is located on the camera and it has everything important on it: in addition to PSAM mode, it also has a comfortable and fast moving picture mode and creative video modes.

The sensor's resolution is 20,8 megapixels and it is possible to use 4K resolution while taking a video. In the continuous auto focus mode, this camera can take up to 20 frames per second that exceeds the speed of DSLR cameras' continuous shot! ISO power up to 12 800 gives an opportunity to photograph crystal clear photos in low lighting conditions.
Since this camera has a built in Wi-Fi and NFC functionality, sharing photos has become amazingly easy and fast. In addition, there is a possibility to use your smart device as a remote.


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