We can already see the nature blossoming. That is why, it is the right time to remind ourselves some basic truths and tips that should be considered while taking macro photos.

Owners of DSLR cameras should equip themselves with special lenses. Nikon offers quite a wide choice of macro lenses. AF-S DX Micro 40mm f/2.8G is a perfect lens in front of the half frame sensor camera due to its good price and powerful f-stop. It is built for Nikon DX cameras and it is perfect for Nikon D3000, D5000 and D7000 series. 60MM MICRO NIKKOR 2.8G ED; AF-S DX Micro 85mm f/3.5G and 105MM F2.8G MICRO-NIKKOR AF-S IF-ED VR II successfully fit full frame sensor cameras as well as half frame.

Lenses that are meant for macro shooting enable to focus from a very short distance. The longer the focal length is in millimetres, the bigger is the zoom of the lens. In front of half frame sensor lenses, the zoom is even 1.5 times bigger. Taking this into consideration, half frame sensor camera owners are in an especially good situation.


Which lens is good for what? Depending on the focal length, the angle of the field of view is different with different lenses. Here are two examples:

With 40mm focal length lens, the shortest photographing length is only 1.6 cm. At the same time, this lens's angle of view is the widest of all macro lenses. This is why, it is a very comfortable lens for photographing food, jewellery, flowers and little details that you can photograph from a very short distance. A wider angle gives more background to the photo.

With 105 mm focal length lens, the shortest focal length is 3.14 cm. Big focal length of this lens enables to get macro photos of the subjects from a longer distance. When photographing butterflies, it is not possible to get very close to them. Butterflies would just not allow you to photograph from a short distance. Besides, when you are photographing a butterfly from a longer distance with a short focal length lens, the butterfly would be too small in the frame.

To add to the macro photographing subject – lenses that are meant for macro photographing, can always be used for focusing subjects that are further away. Many photographers use macro lenses in other shooting situations as well, for example, for taking portraits.

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