Graduating from school is very important step in a young person’s life and in the life of his/her family. One era ends and a lot of important moment are ahead. Festive graduation, diploma, sacred speeches, a lot of flowers and so many excited young people. This is the peak moment in the life of the person graduating and often, considering all the emotions that are present on that day, details are later hard to remember – too much is happening at the same time. The things that the teacher says are so special that they bring out tears but still, later it is hard to remember what the teacher actually said...

Capturing graduation on photos and video is therefore very important and considering today’s technological opportunities, re-living and re-experiencing those important moments are made very easy.


A camera is also a nice present for the graduator.  Becoming independent or leaving home is a serious change in a young person’s life. It is important to keep in touch with family and friends even if everyday environment and people around them change. Considering the options of today’s social media, it is possible to keep a very large society posted about your activities, joys and successes. That is why; a suitable camera is a present worth giving.


I AM Photographer Pro Shop makes a special offer for every graduator. Nikon  D3300 Kit 18-55mm + 55-200mm VR is a camera for every life event. Since it is equipped with two lenses, you can take wide angle photos in situation where it is needed and you can also take group, landscape and city photos. Telescopic lens captures easily all the subjects that are far away and brings them closer. This camera also has a Full HD resolution video function. The special price of the graduator is 699.- EUR


Graduating from school is not closing doors behind your back, it is opening new ones!

Capture the peak moments of life using Nikon camera!



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