Wedding Photographer (06.06.2014)


Wedding and its preparations are the most important events in two people’s lives. Parents, relatives and friends are also related to this important life change. A photographer is also invited to celebrate this important moment – they have to capture all important, emotional and beautiful moments on a photo or a video. Everything that happens on that day, remains genuine, emotional and still beautiful after some time thanks to photographer’s good job. That is why, the best choice of the wedding photographer is not only important for the wedding party itself but for many many years after that as well.

There is no doubt that the wedding photographer’s profession demands great creational potential but first and foremost it means great responsibility that has no alternatives and no excuses when something goes wrong. To get the best results, the photographer needs to be sure that their camera and the rest of the equipment is the best of the best, technically well-functioning and every detail well thought through: that there isn’t too much stuff and that nothing is missing. It depends on the wish of the young couple whether the photographer should do photo reportage, a separate photo session with the couple or record a video. Often, you have to be strong in all three areas and that puts totally new demands on the photographer.

As a first choice, the photographer should have two full-frame sensor cameras. Working with two cameras is much more operational. The situations change all the time, and often, during the time you are changing the lenses, you might lose a very important moment. Secondly, working with two cameras gives you a strong quarantee that if something happens to the equipment, you can still work. When it comes to such important events, this kind of assurance is essential for the photographer. Having back up is naturally essential when it comes to spare battery and memory cards as well. When doing a photo reportage, Nikon D4 is the best choice since its fastness, accuracy and wonderful high ISO indicators are perfect for doing reportage photos even in the most difficult conditions. Using a flash light is not always possible nor is it always the best solution considering the light conditions. That is why, the opportunity to use high and good quality ISO is a pure joy for the photographer. Nikon 800/800E is the best camera for photo sessions and in situations where the final results need to be very detailed. AF-S NIKKOR 85mm 1.4 G or 58mm F1.4G AF-S NIKKOR lens with light powerful sharp and great bokeh effect enables to do creative portraits with great technical standard and AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED ZOOM NIKKOR gives the best wide angle and sharp subject throughout the whole frame and the high resolution of NIKON D800 enables to use the whole potential of this lens. As an additional camera, you should consider light, high quality and stylish NIKON Df.

The choice of lenses depends on the shooting environment and conditions and the creative purposes of the photographer. Wedding photo as a genre has so many diverse outcomes that it becomes necessary to have lenses from the wide angle to 200mm and why not even lenses with longer focal length. It is worth not to forget the fact that since the wedding has been planned to every small detail, the photographer shouldn’t forget to take photos of all those details. That is why, a macro lens should also be included in the equipment, it makes capturing rings, jewellery, cake carnations and the rest of details that at first sight seem very little but through the photos become meaningful and important, very easy. From special lenses, the photographers also use tilt-shif lens PC-E Micro NIKKOR 45mm f/2.8D ED. This complicated lens has many different functions that the photographers have used in the wedding photo genre, including the correction of perspective distortion and the effects achieved by tilting the focal surface. Now is the best time to look through your photography equipment. We have two tables here to help you do that – you can use them to look through your equipment and see whether you have everything you need to be the best you can and to give you assurance that you won’t miss out on any special moments and capture them all on a photo that is later seen in the albums of the newlyweds and their quests.



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