Nikon Df and D4s (31.05.2014)


Nikon Df is not only an attracting accessory

Among Nikon's full-frame DSLR cameras, Nikon Df with its retro looks attracts anyone who is interested in photography. But even more attention should be paid to the light weight inside of the camera! Its body that weighs only 710 grams hides a technology that originates from Nikon D4. The sensor is the same as of D4’s and this 16.2 megapixels sensor is known for its great dynamics, low level of noise and detail plentiness even with higher ISO.

The handling of the camera needs a little getting used to, since everything important is under a disc-shaped button on the main side on the camera. But still, it is surprising how good overview you get of all the settings this camera has, just looking at the main side of the camera. One precondition for the light-weight body is the small and light-weight battery but it is very surprising how economical this camera is because with a single load, it is possible to take up to 1400 shots! To whom is this camera meant? This camera is primarily for those who enjoy photography as a lifestyle. For those, who travel and carry the camera with them at all times, this camera is a perfect companion. In addition to its light weight, great photo quality and it being really economical, the weatherproof body makes this camera trustworthy and gives assurance for the users. Nikon Df is meant for a person who loves photography, who enjoys taking photos and wants their camera to be stylish and different from other cameras but still durable and with a great photo quality.

Nikon’s new flagship D4s

At first glance, this camera looks exactly like is predecessor  D4 but its inside has many innovations, which make the usage possibilities of this camera, especially on the border areas of photography, very enjoyable and effective. D4s’s ISO sensitivity 100-25 600 can be extended up to 409 600. Thanks to its new cooperation of its sensor and photo processor, the noise reduction when using higher ISO, has been enhanced by a step.

Another new thing to bring out is its enhanced acquisition and tracking performance. The automatic focusing (AF) is even better compared to D4 and in addition, this camera presents a new Group Area AF mode. This function enables precise focusing of moving objects. When using Group Area AF mode, it is much simpler to keep the object in focus and camera’s tracking AF is fast enough to get sharp images.

Its video recording options are Full HD at frame rates of60p and50p. It is possible to film within all ISO range, starting from 200 and it is possible to change the shutter speed, aperture and sound volume.


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