Interview with Vanessa Joy (11.01.2014)


How long have you been a photographer and what is your proudest Award/Achievement to date?

I have been a photographer for 15 years, 10 of them as a professional. My proudest moments are never winning recognizable awards, but when I put a smile on my client’s faces.

What keeps your passion for photography alive?

I’ve always had a strong work-ethic, but my passion goes back to pleasing my clients as well as that moment when you know you’ve just taken a picture that your clients will cherish for a lifetime.

Apart from photography, what other passions do you have in life?

Spending time with family is my favorite thing to do. We all make wine together fairly often and love going to wine tasting and learning more about the art and science behind it.

If there is one tip you could give a student of photography in order for them to improve their craft, what would it be?

Never stop learning. There will never be a point where you’ll learn it at, but there will be a point where you think you don’t need to learn anything else. Push past that thought and keep on bettering your craft.

Name three photographers or artists who have most influenced your work. 

Joe Bussink, who taught me perfection is not in how perfect the photo is; it’s in how perfectly it conveys the emotion.

Jasmine Star, who gave me courage in places where I had none and whose business-sense I have always admired.

Sal Cincotta, who has never ceased to push me to start working harder and being better than I currently am.

Give your prediction of where you see photography going in the next 10 years.

In the next 10 years, I see my photography evolving drastically to how technology advances and to how consumers’ expectations will change. I hope my craft will continue to improve, and I’m excited to see where the digital age brings the art of photography.

If you were an animal, who would you be?

I would be my Pekingese dog Tico! He seriously has the best life. Sleep, eat, cuddle, repeat.



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