Interview with Nik Pekridis (11.01.2014)


How long have you been a photographer and what is your proudest Award/Achievement to date?

I am more than 30 years professional photographer but i guess i re-born and found myself again not many years ago through a seminar with Yervant.

What keeps your passion for photography alive?

What makes me keep try and wants to move forward is 2 things. I am learning from the print competitions and the seminars. I want continuously to learn and improve my techniques.

Apart from photography, what other passions do you have in life?

My second love is travels and trips. So the way that I combine my 2 loves is perfect.

If there is one tip you could give a student of photography in order for them to improve their craft, what would it be?

My advice to all guys & girls in photography industry is practice and learning. This is the best way to improve you.

Name three photographers or artists who have most influenced your work. 

The 3 photographers I adore are: Yervant because he is the one who change the wedding industry forever and he is who inspire me first of all. Jerry Ghionis is the one who inspire by Yervant and move himself to a different level of profession. In 3rd place there is so many photographers who sharing the same place. Here belong everyone who helping our industry to getting better and better, from David Beckstead to Dennis Orchard and from Rocco Ancora to CM Leung.

If you were an animal, who would you be? 

If I would be an animal, probably I would be a dog. I am learning fast, I love people and I get happy from small things.



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