Give your camera new opportunities (14.01.2014)


The first DSLR camera is mostly bought with a so-called KIT-lens. This is reasonable because it is not possible to use the camera without lens and the lens that comes together with the camera is half the price of the one that is bought separately. The focal length of the lens that comes with the camera is often 18-55mm, which means that we are dealing with a wide angle lens. In many situations, this camera is totally suitable, in addition, this lens is small and buying a camera kit with this kind of lens is the cheapest way. Another KIT-lens that is often bought with the camera has a slightly longer range (18-105mm). This lens has a longer zoom (5.8x) and the photographing opportunities are notably wider.

Nikon has now released a new DX format lens Nikkor AF-S DX 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR. The focal length of the lens is much broader. If the lens with the focal length of 18-55mm has the 3x zoom, then this lens has the zoom of 7.8x. At the same time, the optical power has not decreased and remains the same as of the lenses mentioned before. This new lens is compact and light-weight – it only weighs 490g. Image stabilizer built into the lens enables sharp photos when shooting with up to 3.5 step slower shutter speed – this also means in case of the limited lighting conditions that don’t let use faster shutter speeds.

If your DSLR camera’s only lens is a lens with 18-55mm focal length, we advise you to exchange your current lens for 18-140mm zoom lens. Why? 

- Using this lens increases the extent of zoom more than twice. This means that in many situations, you don’t have to move closer the object when photographing it. Sometimes it is impossible to go closer to the object. People and pets feel a lot more free and convenient when the camera is not too close to them while they are being photographed. Notice how the facial expression of the one being photographed is a lot more natural when the camera is not too close to them!

- Since the image angle is a lot smaller with longer focal length, you have new opportunities when shooting details. Totally new opportunities, totally new images.

- It is much better to shoot fast movement (like sports), moving pets or children or any other active objects. You are always ready for the right moment because you don’t have to change the lens.

Longer focal length is also an advantage when shooting details and portraits because using an open aperture makes the background pleasantly foggy. The photographed objects are brought out better and the image is more three-dimensional.

You are welcome to try the new lens out in I AM Photographer Pro Shop and realise yourself that it brings your work to a totally new level.

Until February 28th, it is possible to buy Nikkor AF-S DX 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR for a special price of 579 EUR from our shop. 



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