Fashion photographer who photographs weddings (03.01.2014)


For Stina Kase, photographing fashion is a celebration and while photographing others’ celebrations, she is always trying to bring fashion to the photos.

Stina Kase learned photography at the beginning of this century, a time when female photographers were rare and a middle-aged gentleman wearing glasses was an ordinary photographer. From Tartu Art College, Stina Kase got very good experiences in photographing and developing photos because during her school time, all the photos needed to put on paper to see how they look like.

How did Stina Kase become a photographer? “When I was a teenager, I photographed the autumn at Toomemäe. I got very picturesque autumnal frames that I showed to an important person who said that I should study photography,” Stina recalls and adds that she still remembers how she went to the countryside to photograph with Smena “soap box” camera that she had just received. She put Konica film into it and after each frame, she opened the camera to see whether it was a successful one. Unfortunately that photo series did not work out.

Stina’s grandmother is a painter. ”I also like painting and drawing,” adds Stina who has painted as well. ”But I am lazy and a photo gives a lot of opportunities. There is no need to draw,” admits Stina who once in a while still takes out pencils and doesn’t rule out that someday, she might go back to drawing.

Stina’s strongest genres are photographing weddings and fashion and doing portraits.

Recently she had a photoshoot in Stockholm for ”Anne ja Stiil”. ”Photographing fashion is a day of celebration. Working together with a make-up artist, hair dresser and a model is a pure joy, especially when it all comes together,” Stina says. ”But it has happened that there is no good match and then, the results are not as expected as well,” Stina talks about photoshoots that have not worked out that well.

Doing a fashion photos series starts with prework. ”We decide who does what and how. One detail from here, another from there. We look for a model  who can pass on that certain idea and there are thoughts from the stylist and make-up artist as well,” Stina talks about the creational process. Stina doesn’t set up frameworks of what and how to photograph, she gives a free hand to act. ”If everyone thinks along, cool ideas are born. You are able to see how the idea develops and that is so great,” Stina describes.

She tries to bring the tips and glamour of fashion photography to wedding photos if the bride and groom come along with this. ” I like a serious bride, almost secretly caught moments, looking into the camera, mystery not a tacky posed smile,” she talks about her work. The ordinary sweet style is not her cup of tea.

Wedding photographer needs to guess the client’s wishes and know how wild she can get with the bride and groom. For her pleasure, at least once a year she meets a couple who is willing to spend time to get interesting photos and is not afraid to get the tail of the dress dirty.

More and more, she photographs weddings abroad, mostly in Scandinavia because harsh northen style goes with her nature. ” Scandinavian culture and traditions are close to my heart.”

In Stina’s camera bag, threre is Nikon D4, Nikon 50mm f1.4, Nikon 85mm f1.4, Nikon 24mm f1.4, Nikon PC-E Micro Nikkor 45mm f/2.8D and also a Nikon flash.

Portrait of Stina Kase: Sandra Palm

Fashion series:

Stylist: Liis Plato

Make-up: Ellen Walge

Hair: Olga Krõlova

Model: Elis ( )

Wedding photos information:

Dress: Tiina Talumees

Make-up: Katrin Sangla



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