EXPERT RECOMMENDS: Three high-quality bright lenses into your photography equipment. (31.07.2013)


The decision of replacing you compact camera for DSLR camera is usually made to take a big step towards better photo quality. Many users are satisfied  with the lens that comes with the camera.  But I would like to remind you the idea behind creating DSLR cameras – the opportunity to change the lenses in front of the camera depending on the shooting conditions and achieve your creational goals through that. DSLR camera that only has one possible lens, does not have the potential that the use of different lenses give.

I would like to recommend you three different focal lenght lenses which are very bright and have good photo characteristics. These take the quality of your photography technique on a totally new level for a reasonable price. Fixed focal lenght lens is simpler by its construction, no compromises have to be made in quality and it is cheaper to produce these and hence, the price is cheaper.

AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G

This lens is specially meant for Nikon cameras with DX format sensor. Maximum aperture of  f/1.8 is a great feature, so you can use the settings where there isn't that much light. In front of the camera , the viewing angle is 44 degrees. Closest focusing only from 30 cm.

This lens is very good for taking a reportage photo. It is also good for portraiting in a situation where we need a wider shooting angle to capture people in their full lenght. Great sharpness and colour transfer ensure perfect shooting in nature landscapes, especially when dealing with sunset or beautiful colour play. 

AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G

 Normal lens that is suitable for cameras with DX and FX sensor. This lens has proved itself a long time ago and become the favourite of so many. Compact and light-weight, this lens ensures an image with great sharpness. Yet,  f/1.8 ensures soft backround and a lovely bokeh effect on the photos. This lens is suitable for taking portraits and it should be tested in many different situations. This lens describes the world very close to the human eye. The speciality of the normal lens is precisely that no perspective distortions occur. It is known that with telephoto lens, the perspective is pressed together and with wide angle lens, it is stretched out (the objects seem more apart on the photos than they are in reality) If you wish to photograph the world as it it, this lens is for you.

AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G

This lens can be called the classic of portrait lens. It is an excellent choice in the studio or in the natue. It is suitable for DX and FX cameras. Super fast and quiet focusing. No compromises have been made in the sharpness of every little detail. Natural colour transfer and soft backround make this lens produce very enjoyable results when taking close-ups of people. 85mm focal lenght transforms almost into 128mm in front of DX camera. This gives the opportunity to photograph from a distance and there is no need to go very close to the model with the camera. The model feels more comfortable and free.




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