Going on a holiday with the whole family. What kind of camera to bring? (01.03.2016)


Spring vacation and a little holiday give a reason to go and enjoy winter fun somewhere where there is snow, cold and mountains or travel to a warm country and see some sun so that it would be easier to wait for the spring to come. If you are not planning on organising a special photography trip to where it would be reasonable to take SLR camera and other high tech equipment, then what should you take on a family vacation? No-one wants to give up on taking travel photos because it is so nice to look at all of those emotional moments from the photos later on and also share them with your friends. Mobile photos are also not quite enough because the phone camera has quite a lot of limits. So the only thing left to do is to equip yourself with a camera that is compact, easy to use, resistible, and with a good zoom. So which camera then?

We made a list of family profiles going on a vacation – maybe you find it helpful.

Family man and family woman

People who are quite sporty and active. They like extreme sports, hiking in the mountains, skiing and when possible, they do not say no to an opportunity to go scuba diving and see the underwater wonders. Their camera needs to be resistible and produce quality photos. In addition, this camera should look stylish.

We recommend Nikon 1 AW1 camera to these people

This is a hybrid camera which lenses are exchangeable according to the photographing situation. In addition, this camera is able to shoot very fast, produce quality Full-HD videos and it is shock-proof (falling from up to 2 metres), freezing proof (-10 degrees) and you can dive 15 metres of depth with it. You do not have to worry about the camera getting damaged when you are skiing in the mountains or lying on a beach, you can just focus on everything else and the camera records everything with a good quality.

Bigger kids and youngsters

Their camera has to fit in the pocket, have no additional devices and other stuff. Its zoom needs to be good and when this camera drops; there shouldn’t be any trouble with the parents because the camera has to be shock proof. This camera can take experimenting because there is no lack of ideas on a vacation.

In this situation, the best companion would be a compact Nikon that has a lot of opportunities.


This camera is totally compact and fits into the pocket. It is shock proof (falling from up to 2 metres), freezing proof (-10 degrees) and it is possible to dive up to 30 metres depth with it! Its unique colour choice is noticeable. It doesn’t happen every day that in addition to black and bright orange, it is also possible to choose a camouflage body. Its zoom lens which aperture range is f/2.8-4.9 is built inside the body and enables 5x optical zoom. Using a camera that has a lens of such an optical power is so easy in low light conditions. You notice the advantages of this lens when you take photos in artificial light conditions or try to capture the wonders of the cityscape. Good optical power ensures sharp photos of the fast moving subjects in normal light conditions. Built-in GPS is equipped with a world map. This camera is equipped with NFC which enables to upload photos into the phone very fast and conveniently and to share them. Capture your adventure on great photos or videos.

The little one

Trust the smallest ones of your family. Don’t give them that “You are too little..“ talk. This little one might be the one who takes the best photo on your vacation! The little one also needs a camera that is not afraid of the water, sand and falling. In addition, this camera needs to be small, cheap and easy to use because the little one cannot read just yet. But taking photos – this is very easy!

The youngest ones of the family might enjoy Nikon COOLPIX S33

This little and colourful camera is a favourite of many. Its menu is very easy and illustrated by images so it is very easy to use this camera. This camera is shockproof (up to falling from 1.5 metres), freezing proof (up to -10 degrees ) and it is possible to dive up to 10 metres with it. Its lens has a 3x zoom.

Anyone can find something suitable from this list and the vacation can start. And you can be sure that when looking at your vacation photos, your memories and emotions come rushing back. For free, I might add!



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