AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR has been making a good lens better but how much better? (15.09.2015)


Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8G ED is a normal zoom lens that has gained acknowledgment among photographers. Now, after updating this lens, many of them are asking whether this good lens could ever become even better.

Few observations after testing this lens for the first time.

Autofocus is faster

Yes, we had nothing bad to say about the fastness and accuracy of the previous lens’ autofocus. To notice the improvement, we had to put both lenses in front of similar cameras and compare. Yes, the newer lens’ autofocus is faster by a third.

New camera has VR stabilizing function

Yes, previous generation lens did not have that at all. Nikkor’s image stabilizers have become very helpful assistants. Up to four levels of advantages in low light conditions is a strong argument. The stabilizer enables the images to be sharp due to the camera not moving and all that with a four levels slower shutter speed. The stabilizing system enables to keep the image stable on the sensor. I addition, stable image is an important advantage when recording videos.

The inner optical construction has also changed

The changes include freshly developed Aspherical ED (extra-low dispersion) class element and three aspherical lens elements, two ED glass elements and a HRI (High Refractive Index) element. These are especially noticeable when shooting with wide open f/2.8. When the previous lens had weak wide open performance in the corners at 70mm focal length, the new lens has a superb sharpness from corner to corner!

The new lens is bigger and heavier but it also has a stronger construction

When the last version weighed about 900 grams, the new weighs 1070 grams. The extra weight does not only come from the added VR system but also from the new optical construction and this lens has been constructed to be stronger. This lens is meant to be a tool of a professional photographer who uses it intensively every day. The filter thread is now 82mm

Electromagnetic diaphragm

The new system leading the operation of diaphragm enables a very accurate exposure during fast continuous shots. There used to be luminosity differences during continuous shots because the position of the diaphragm was not accurately fixed.

Normal zoom AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR has such a wide usage range, it is quite hard to underestimate the importance of its quality indicators. This lens that is perfect for reportage photo now has updates that make this lens close to being the perfect tool. Journalists, wedding photographers, street photography enthusiasts, test it yourselves! I believe that soon, you cannot imagine that you could work with a different tool than this lens!

I myself can assure that there is a great interest in this product and there are a lot of advance bookings. Thus, a lot of Baltic photographers who have already decided on that lens are expecting their orders to come in so that they can delight their clients with new photos. Don’t be afraid to contact us about ordering this product or trying it out!



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