Everybody takes photos today. The first digital memories are already captured during the baby age with the help of mobile phones. The fact that the mobile’s memory card contains 101 photos of you and your baby and usually you can only see one small nose and one happy big eye is only the beginning.

A lot of people who take photos with their phone sense a barrier at some point and realise that to go forward from there, they need a camera that is able to shoot fast without delay. The lens of the mobile phone is able to catch very little light. This is the reason why it is not possible to capture fast movement in low lighting conditions. A moving ping-pong ball cannot be captured on the photo with the phone. Why? Why is the DSLR camera able to do it? But the choice of DSLR cameras is wide. What kind of camera do you need? Is the compact camera enough or do you need a DSLR camera? What feature describes the f-stop of the camera? These questions can be answered in the I Am Photographers Pro Shop. In addition to professional consultation you can also try out the models we are selling.

Today, we are mainly using three types of cameras: compact cameras, hybrid cameras and DSLR cameras. In addition, there are many special cameras that are used when scuba diving, flying, falling, spying etc. Before choosing the right camera model and purchasing it, you need to consider what kind of camera meets your needs. The thought that more expensive cameras take better quality photos and are more persistent,  is not always the truth.

Digital SLR camera

DSLR camera is a camera system with changeable lenses which is mostly characterised by the diversity of lenses and additional gadgets. These are all necessary for approaching photography with as many opportunities as possible. Different lenses help to capture the world creatively. Focal lengths and angles, visualising the perspective – it is the way of showing the world through the choice of lens which describes the world differently as the human eye does. The flash systems, choice of filters, distance remote control devices etc. are the technological means meant for widening the photographical opportunities and give photographers opportunities to shoot in difficult shooting and lighting conditions. Camera is designed ergonomically; it fits perfectly into hand and is meant to be a tool, not a vain accessory. This is also the reason why the DSLR camera is bigger and carrying it along means carrying a separate camera bag.

DSLR camera can be recommended mostly to a photography enthusiast who wants to seriously take on photography. Somebody who is not afraid to learn thorough photographic skills and for who, photography is a passion and a way to express oneself creatively. Although today’s DSLR cameras are equipped with great automatic functions, the decisions lay on the photographer’s shoulders through the manual functions. The automatics carry a supporting role. To get the best results, the genre and creative expectations of the photographer should be considered. Portrait, architecture, macro photos, astrophotos, bird photos - these are only a few choices of different photographic genres that expect different approaches and technological equipment.

DSLR camera gives the best technological opportunities to get the best quality photos but that mostly happens when the camera is taken along consciously and the purpose is to photograph. A random moment is often caught with a mobile phone.

Nikons D7200 camera is a suitable camera for photography enthusiast. This camera has a 24 pixel sensor, strong magnesium body that is waterproof and persistent. All the necessary functions are brought to the camera body as buttons which makes handling it extremely convenient and logical.

Hybrid camera

The most inconvenient part of the DSLR camera is its size and clumsiness which makes carrying it along quite troublesome. Hybrid camera is an alternative to DSLR camera. If you would like your camera to have enough technological opportunities to fully implement your creative potential but at the same time, you would like your camera measures and weight to be close to compact cameras. Yes, mostly this camera is not meant to be put into a pocket or small handbag but when travelling, hybrid camera owners have a small camera bag across their shoulder and the owners of a DSLR camera carry along a 20-kilo equipment.

Why aren't DSLR cameras history yet? The main reasons why enthusiastic photographers do not give up on their load are the sensor size of the hybrid camera and the f-stop of the lenses. Hybrid camera is very much following the footsteps of the DSLR camera. The prices of the best hybrid cameras are very similar to the prices of DSLR cameras.

For raising photo quality and enhancing creative potential, hybrid cameras have changeable lenses system. But at the same time, it is more difficult to make a small size lens with a powerful f-stop. But still, the photo quality is much better compared to compact cameras. Since mirror is not used in those cameras, in addition to a compact design, it is also quieter and often with a faster continuous shoot than the DSLR camera. The automatics of the camera have a lot more power when creating a photo. Many innovative shooting modes have been added like the „moving picture“ – camera chooses one frame out of many continuous shoot frames but the rest are automatically put together as a small slow motion video clip. In addition, there are many inside camera photo processing opportunities. Most models also have manual functions.

Hybrid camera is meant for people who think that the technical quality is important and wish to show their personal angle on the photos. Enjoys freedom and the simplicity of photographing.

Nikon 1 J5 is a compact camera with interesting design. Its tilting screen enables to choose even the most difficult shooting angles. 4K video and fast continuous shoot are the key words of this 20.8 megapixel camera. Now, the hybrid cameras also have a touch screen. J5 camera’s screen can be tilted up to 180 degrees. This makes using the camera in different shooting angles especially convenient and this should also be good news for those who love selfies. It is very convenient. The video quality is surprisingly sharp and detailed.

Compact camera

For several years, it has been predicted that mobile phone cameras kill the compact cameras for good. So far, it has not happened. So what keeps the compact camera alive and who can it be recommended to? Compact camera is only a little bigger than the phone and many models can be carried along in a pocket. The advantage of the mobile phone is that it is more convenient to use and the zoom lens enables to change the focal length. If the camera has Wi-Fi, your photos can be uploaded to social media with an instant. The lenses of compact cameras can have a surprisingly powerful f-stop and then, photographing in dim lighting conditions gives much better results. The sensors’ pixel number is not the only feature that shows the technical quality of the photo. The sensor of the compact camera is bigger and this affects the photo quality quite a lot. There is one other nuance that should be considered. The photos you take with mobile phone usually end up in the Internet and there, they start living their own life and...

Have you ever thought what happens to them after the years pass? The memory card of the compact camera is going to be full at some point and then the photos are loaded into the computer. This is also not a very safe place for the photos but this camera’s photo quality is good enough to have the photos printed out. Actually, the world is taking more photos than ever at the moment but at the same time, there is a danger that out of all those photos files, only a very small amount is maintained. If the story of your child growing up is among those lost photos or the photos of school graduation, then you should think about the fact that photos have much more value than just gathering likes on social media. Thus, the photos taken with a compact camera that find their way into the family album or into the safe Internet cloud, are a very valuable fortune in the years’ time. For this, compact camera is a good choice.

The big advantages of the compact camera are its cheap price and simple usage based on automatics. It is a great opportunity to those who do not wish to invest a lot into their hobby but at the same time, they would like to gather emotional moments as photo memories. COOLPIX S7000 is is a compact camera with a stylish look in four different colour choices. This camera has a 20x zoom but nevertheless, the lens of this camera is so compact that this camera can be carried along in a pocket. In addition to Wi-Fi opportunity this camera also has NFC function - this basically means that you can get the photo on the camera monitor into your smart device with an instant by just touching the camera.

COOLPIX AW130 is compact and has a strong body. This camera is not afraid of falling or diving into the water. I would especially like to stress that with COOLPIX AW130, you can dive 30 m of depth (which is the same depth that the open sea advanced certificate allows the divers to dive). This camera has a 16 megapixel sensor and 5x optical zoom. This camera is for everyone and for every life situation.



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