Scissors, comb and camera (16.04.2014)


This unique set of instruments could only belong to… a hairdresser. I am sitting in the hairdresser’s chair and feel how the comb smoothly goes through my hair.

Is it too smooth or are teeth of the comb that the hairdresser is using, sparsely as those of rake's? This time, I let the hairdresser be more creative with my looks. Interesting, how did he understand that? Should I warn my partner? Knowing her conservative attitude, it would be a good idea to send her a photo of me via my phone beforehand. And it would be better if she could hold the dog when I get home. Just in case...

Do these thoughts really cross a man's mind when he's sitting in the hairdresser's chair, I don't know, but today, you have to immediately let everybody know that you are currently working out and then taking a bath, and this has, in a funny way, become self-evident.

It is more meaningful to use a camera in a nice hair salon where the client is not offered a simple pruning service but much more – a chance to change their style, go along with time, surprise themselves and those around them with something new.

Hairdresser Lauri Pedaja from Käärkäsi Ltd. has used his mobile phone to film and take photos of his work process. But it became evident that the recordings need to have better quality and be more detailed than the tiny sensor and lens of the phone let them be. That is why, he decided on Nikon’s DSLR camera D5300. Powerful light optics and the opportunity to upload photos and videos through WIFI network gives the chance to present your work to a wider group of people but also collect a decent photo material of your work which can be analysed and experienced again later.

Many people think that using a DLSR camera is difficult and uncomfortable. Often, there are similar lighting conditions in the salon. Even if the background has been well thought through and always put, it is very simple to use the once learned settings again and again and you can always be sure on the results. When necessary, you can always use an additional flash light that is put in place for a moment with a light tripod and used wirelessly very easily and put aside again.

Thus, it is a matter of pulling oneself together and when it comes to the work of a hairdresser, a good picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Aivar Pihelgas

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