Nikon announces quick fire premium COOLPIX P340 camera with built in Wi-Fi (07.02.2014)


Nikon Europe today announces the high quality 12-megapixel COOLPIX P340 for sharp shooting at high speeds. Chic and compact, the COOLPIX P340’s bright 5x optical zoom lens, with fast f/1.8 aperture at wide angle, is extendable to 10x with Dynamic Fine Zoom*, and works seamlessly with the 1/1.7-in back-illuminated CMOS sensor for impressive images.

When time is of the essence, the COOLPIX P340 shoots super speedy images thanks to its smart AF algorithm and multitask processing. Designed for photography enthusiasts looking for a premium compact camera, the built-in Wi-Fi lets you save and share images easily using your smart device. Meanwhile the multifunctional lens ring offers quick access to various settings like manual focus, shutter speed or ISO. Additionally, the large and highly sensitive sensor captures sharp shots even in low light – perfect for creative night cityscapes. You can even pinpoint where your shots were taken, as the GPS data available from your smart device can be embedded in the photos.

Quality moments require quality images

The COOLPIX P340 makes a first-class impression on any occasion. Active VR (vibration reduction) gives stability while the smart AF algorithm is highly effective in low light, ensuring you’ll always get the images you aim for. When quality matters, you can shoot RAW (NRW) images to really make the most of the sensor’s potential, and even process images in-camera, before viewing them clearly on the bright 7.5-cm/3.0-in 921k-dot RGBW screen.

The camera’s high resolution lens ensures sharpness and fine detail from the center to the corner of frame, while the 7-blade iris diaphragm gives images with beautiful background blur. The built-in ND filter allows you to use slower shutter speeds, even in bright situations and creatively adjust the degree of blur, perfect for expressive shots of flowing water like dramatic waterfalls. When it’s time to switch from stills to Full HD (1080/60i/50i) video, you can swap functions with a single touch of the dedicated movie-record button to film at 30 fps or 25 fps. What’s more, you can continue to shoot photos or use AF and optical zoom while recording.

Nicolas Gillet, Product Manager for Consumer Products at Nikon Europe, comments: “The COOLPIX P340 is packed with innovative features like focus peaking, which allows you to easily view focused areas and adjust intensity levels for finer details, or multitask processing. This lets you start taking your second shot while your first image is being processed to significantly reduce waiting time when shooting in RAW. 18 scene modes allow you to automatically optimize settings for popular photographic styles and locations, while an extensive retouch menu and filter effects, including Selective Color, Painting and Fish Eye mean you’ll have as much fun editing as you do shooting. The camera even allows for speedy charging of the battery through the high-speed USB. A fast camera for a fast paced lifestyle, the COOLPIX P340 also offers high-speed continuous shooting to capture fast-moving action.”

The COOLPIX P340 will be available black at a RRP of 409 EUR.



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