NIKON 1 rules this summer (01.09.2012)


The summer is getting closer and closer. Soon, it is time for summer vacation, life in the summer home, vacation trip and thousands of other relaxing activities. Unfortunately, such moments have the tendency to end at some point and become the past. In this case, it is important to remember that we have the possibility to relive those moments and to share them with our friends. The best option to capture those moments is to own Nikon 1 camera. Why, you ask?

At first glance, Nikon 1 may seem as an ordinary digital camera – simple, even minimal but at the same time, its design is lovely. This camera looks a lot like a compact camera in its size but inside, it hides the features and possibilities of the DSLR camera. Replaceable lightweight and small lenses. Extra fast start-up and almost mystical 60 frames per second, full HD resolution video recorder are features that are among this camera’s parameters. But even that is not the reason why this camera is going to be the best moment capturer of this summer.

Its functions are what make this camera special – they are created to help you to take the best photo.

First, there is the SMART PHOTO SELECTOR. When using this function, your camera starts recording the moment captured in the frame from the moment you are still focusing. The Smart Photo Selector takes care that you get a good photo even in the situation where the object moves fast or in any other complicated situation for photographing. By the time you have pressed the shutter button, the camera has recorded many photos. All together, the camera shoots 20 high resolution photos during one shoot and the Smart Photo Selector then chooses 5 best ones considering the expression on the people’s faces, composition and sharpness. Like that, it is not possible to miss out the right moment.

The other new function is MOVING IMAGE. Here, with just on click, the camera records a short video from which, the super fast photo processor chooses one still photo and creates a slow motion video clip to it. This is a new way to demonstrate the moment to your friends. This function is also supported by Facebook. You can now show your friends something totally new. The new Moving Image helps to capture the most important moments of our life in a totally new way. We have all taken photographs of the moment when the birthday child blows off the candles on the cake – now it is possible to share this moment through the photo where one can actually see the moment when the candles go out. Surprise your friends with moving photos created on your own!

The third possibility is the improved VIDEO RECORDER. Now, you can take full resolution photos during the video recording without interrupting the recording. It is a very good way to be a photographer and videographer at the same time. You do not have to give up on anything.

All these functions are easy to use and do not need any particular knowledge about videography or photography.  The intelligent camera is equipped with a simple mode button, from which you choose the appropriate shooting mode and the recording can start. The software in the camera is developed with the help of the best photographers. The program is able to recognize situations that can occur during the shooting. This experience has been formed into the software, which together with the technical possibilities makes Nikon 1 camera the most innovative system camera in the world today.

Go with the times and do not miss out on this summer’s most beautiful moments! You can get the idea of this camera’s photographic possibilities by trying it out on yourself. Come and try Nikon 1 camera in I AM PHOTOGRAPHER shop in Tallinn!



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