Compact underwater diving case for the Nikon 1 J1 and J2 cameras (15.09.2012)


Last Friday, a group of hobbyists had a chance to test Nikon’s 1 J2 camera with underwater diving case WP-N1. They dived in a strip mine pond near Rummu habitat which depth is 12 meters. This year, the water in the pond is surprisingly clear. There are buildings and technology under the water, which makes the diving extra interesting. Martti Raavel from Rapla diving club Diver Inside was the diving instructor.

Nikon 1 J2 with the underwater diving case is surprisingly good – you can experience it yourself by looking at the photos. Longer descriptions and test results can soon be read from Estonian newspapers and magazines.

The camera’s ability to deliver beautiful images underwater without drowning was tested by Mariliis Pinn from newspaper “Äripäev“, Sven Vahar from magazine “Digi“, Rauno Volmer from Delfi, Aivar Kaljulaid from Arco Vara and Aivar Pihelgas from  I AM Photographer pro shop.



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