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It is only a few years, really, that DSLR cameras have an options to also shoot HD video. When the first cameras with this option came out many people believed that it would change the industry in the sense that photo editors would get a more important role in picking stills from the footage that photographers would shoot.

That did not happen. Instead the movie and broadcast industry embraced DSLR cameras and photographers, having the advantage to have known these cameras for years already, started slowly moving in the direction of film making. At the same time the price of semi-pro and pro DSLR cameras went down, which made the cameras affordable for a larger audience.

With the cameras getting more complex with lots of different options to enhance your photography or film making on the one hand. And with them becoming more affordable on the other hand, the need for training on all kinds of levels arose.

This workshop is made to answer as many questions as possible not only technical questions, but also on how to execute and mix the medias properly. Because many important questions and issues arise when photographers go in the direction of filmmaking from when to shoot photo and or video and the new language needs to be well understood before trying to achieve a good result.

Pep Bonet

Pep Bonet (Mallorca, 1974) is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer who has traveled extensively capturing profound moments that represent the unbalanced world in which we live. Pep’s work focuses on African issues and long-term projects. His work on social issues has led to several filmed documentary projects, photography books and many exhibitions worldwide.

Pep started out as a self-taught photographer in 2000 and did that quite successfully. Pep is a recipient of the Eugene Smith Humanistic Grant in Photography and several World Press Photo Awards. Being extremely fascinated by the fact that DSLR photo cameras nowadays also have the capability of shooting HD film, Pep crafted himself into shooting documentaries with DSLR cameras. This resulted in several short documentary films, amongst which the award-winning ‘Into the Shadows’.

Pep works on personal projects, mostly video, and on assignments for clients and NGO’s. He frequently lectures on videography and photography and conducts workshops. Pep lives in Mallorca.

NOOR and the NOOR Foundation

NOOR is a collective uniting a select group of highly accomplished photojournalists and documentary storytellers focusing on contemporary global issues. NOOR, headquartered in Amsterdam, is made up of ten photographers from seven different countries. The NOOR photographers produce in-depth photo-essays and pursue longer-term projects. They believe that some things simply need to be seen, and unite their individual visions to facilitate this. Pep Bonet is a founding member of NOOR.

The NOOR Foundation’s mission is to provide the impetus to undertake documentary photography and educational projects, and spread the NOOR philosophy that some things simply need to be seen. The foundation is concerned with the encouragement and support of young aspiring photojournalists and documentary photographers. The NOOR Foundation facilitates educational initiatives - it organizes workshops, masterclasses, seminars, lectures and other educational activities - in close collaboration with educational organizations and NOOR's professional photographers, all experienced teachers and lecturers.

Video training with NOOR’s Pep Bonet

During a one-day training NOOR’s Pep Bonet will touch upon various aspects of what it takes to transform yourself from a photographer to a film maker or a mixture of both.

Questions that will be answered are:

What kind of equipment do I need? With examples of footage shot with different accessories (sliders, crane, fluid head tripods, shoulder mount, steadycam, monopod, etc..)

How to set up your equipment for different situations?

Team work: whom do I need? The relevance of professional audio equipment and a dedicated person, pros of working with a sound person. Also the importance of an editor or a researcher, and the final platform where the movie will be launched.

When to shoot photo? Or when to shoot video?

How to properly research and build a coherent story. Here Pep will talk about the importance of research in a story, something different than in photography.

Movie editing: how to go about? Here the story is where it gets tricky, photographers can up to a certain point edit and chose their own work, when it comes to building a movie the role of an editor is crucial.

Music and sound: dos and don’ts. Its very easy nowadays to record good ambient sound that will be used afterwards in the movie or multimedia, here Pep will talk about tips.

Who can participate?

All photographers and film makers, pro and semi-pro that are interested to learn more about this topic from someone that has a lot of hands on experience with transforming from shooting DSLR stills to shooting DSLR film.

Pep Bonet uses Nikon DSLR’s, lenses and accessories for his productions, but the workshop is also open for people using different brands.

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