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Four Ways to Make A Difference as a PMP
Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, CAL, CPD, RYT
Since 2001, we have helped people become and keep Project Management Professional (PMP). Many of these people keep in touch with us, especially those who continue to take Cheetah Learning professional education courses to maintain their PMP certifications or to earn new PM certs through Cheetah Learning.
We hear from people who aren't yet PMP certified but are disillusioned about the PMP certification as they don't believe that PMP's around them make that much of an impact as Project Managers. While I cannot speak for others' experiences, I have noticed that there are two types of PMP certified people:
People who see becoming a PMP only as an endpoint then rest on their laurels.
People who see becoming a Project Manager Professional (PMP) as a starting point.
Cheetah Learning is naturally in touch with PMP's who fall into the latter category. We don't have the same experience with people who are disillusioned by the PMP certification. Cheetah students are the Project managers making a big difference in their lives.
We have seen that Project Management Professionals (PMPs) can make a significant impact on their careers. They are often rewarded for the added value they create, as well as promotions, better projects, and greater career satisfaction.
1. Be an inspiration role model
People pay more attention to what you do and who you are than what you can say or how many credentials you have. Three essential elements are required to be a role model for Cheetah students.
A. A. You will be a go to person if you have a solution-oriented approach. You will be a troublemaker if you complain and pass on your problems to others. Which type of person would you prefer to be? Follow a simple process to launch and complete your projects. It is a process. Professionals are able to have a defined process that you can improve on over time. Cheetah Project Management is a simple process. It is easy to launch and manage projects. It will help you achieve consistent results in the projects that you manage. Concentrate and finish. It's not the projects you start that will get the notice you want. It is the projects you FINISH that matter. You must ensure that you have everything you need to finish the projects you started. This requires leadership and diligence in the projects you accept. The Cheetah Certified Program Manager program teaches you how to improve your focus and how to ensure that you only take on the projects that are most important to you.
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2. As a PM, keep improving
Cheetah students learn to regularly reflect on their experiences in all of the Project Management professional development courses. Cheetah students learn how to self-correct in this reflective practice. This helps them stay on the right side for the bell-shaped performance curve. This reflective practice can be adopted daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. It is also useful during project risk events and changes in scope. Ask yourself four questions:
A. What happened?
B. How did you feel?
C. What did you learn?
D. What will I do differently?
This will help you to build your neural networks and improve your performance as a project manager. This is done by improving your brain's executive functioning capabilities. It also reduces the likelihood of you getting stuck in worry and time-sucking stress.


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